Travel Insurance – A Scam Or Necessity? |

Travel insurance may or may not be beneficial for you when you take a vacation. There is alternative coverage, which you may currently have without realizing it. If you do not have any coverage, and you decide to purchase insurance for your trip, there are many things that you must take into consideration to find the policy that best suits you and your needs.

Before you purchase travel insurance find out what coverage you already have when you travel. Some car insurance companies, renters/home owners insurance companies, and even a few credit card companies offer policies that can be purchased. Your insurance companies may already cover you for certain things that you are unaware of, such as theft, while you are on vacation. Call the companies you are already insured with and find out what, if anything, is covered when you travel, and what additional policies they offer. Some health insurance policies are valid when you are in other countries, while others are not. If your health insurance is valid, find out specifically what is covered and for how long.

Travel insurance varies by plan. It’s important to shop around to find the best price, and to compare plans of equal coverage. This insurance can include medical emergencies and evacuation, dental care, trip cancellation, trip interruption and delays. You can also get insurance specifically for cruises, flights, student travel, baggage loss and baggage delay. It can also be purchased for just one vacation, or for all trips in a certain period of time, such as one year. There are also business travel insurance plans and policies for groups of people traveling together. Choose the coverage that interests you, and be sure not to include anything that’s not necessary.

When choosing travel insurance choose one that is not associated with the vacation that you are taking. If you purchase your trip and insurance from the same company, and both experience some kind of problem, you could lose both your trip and the insurance that was supposed to cover that situation.

Also, when looking for insurance find out if there are any additional fees or restrictions attached to the policies, such as deductibles.

Travel insurance may or may not be necessary for you. Before you purchase anything, be sure that you do not already have coverage, and take the time to do some research to find the plan that best fits your specific needs.

Packing For a 3 Day Business Trip |

Have you wondered how some business travellers manage to board a plane with one bag for hand luggage? It is very easy with some forethought and you can do it too. You just have to know how to keep things simple and organised.

Through my work as an Image Consultant, I often advise professionals who are required to make frequent business trips for varying lengths of time. Many of them struggle with keeping their packing compact and down to the essentials and be confident that they have everything they need.

The first steps to making your packing a very easy task, is to have a capsule working wardrobe. You can achieve this by knowing your best colours and styles which suit you. This will ensure that whenever you add a new item to your wardrobe, you can be confident that it will work with an existing suit or shirt, smart casual trousers.

So, assuming that you have been following your best colour and style rules, the following will be a breeze for you each time you have to pack for a business trip.

Some basic rules:

Take as little as possible on your trip

Wear your heaviest shoes. Pack shoes at the bottom of your case to avoid crushing any clothes. Utilise the space these shoes provide you with and pack small, soft items such as socks in the shoes that you pack.

Buy travel sized toiletries and keep them only for travelling. Collecting small shampoos and shower gels from hotels will mean you always have travel sized toiletries on the ready. Pack the toiletries in a toiletry bag or waterproof bag to avoid any damages to clothes if any of them leak. 

Take an extra waterproof bag for packing wet/dirty clothes for your return trip or use the plastic laundry bag from the hotel room for this purpose. Below is a packing planner for a 3 night business trip where you have no laundry facilities. Follow this planner and you can be sure you will have everything you need with you and packed properly, will arrive as crisp as it was when packed!

1 sports/casual jacket, 1 pair smart trousers, 1 navy suit, 1 grey suit, 1 pair jeans, 1 t-shirt, 1 polo shirt, 1 casual shirt,(or 2 casual shirts if not a polo shirt) 3 formal shirts, 1 pair formal shoes, 1 pair loafers, 4 pairs underpants/boxer shorts, 5 pairs socks, 3 ties, 2 belts (1 for suits, 1 for jeans), 3 handkerchiefs.

Travel comfortably but not in your jeans if you want to increase your chance of a flight upgrade! By following your capsule wardrobe rules, your 3 shirts and ties are able to be worn with your Navy or your Grey suits.

If you would like help in organising your wardrobe and advise how to achieve your capsule wardrobe, why not book in to see your local Image Consultant. You will find many more essential packing tips like how to fold formal shirts and jackets in Colour Me Beautiful’s best selling book, Image Matters for Men.